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Rape Video, Disgusted

After posting the article about what the media did; about the video clip of the five men and two minors raping that 17 year old girl. And the public outcry there of

I have never been so shocked in a long time, my blog hits jumped to about 750 in one day, which on the face of it may seem as a good thing, but it’s not…..

I did a bit of math on the stats and it turns out that 65% yes 65% of the hits were people who were actually looking for the video clip.

Where has our society gone to, when such a terrible thing like the rape of a teenager is firstly recorded on a mobile phone, that goes viral, but worse than that is the amount of people actually looking for a video clip.

As I like to be controversial on here I posted a news article about a girl that was stripped to her underwear at school, as her mother could not afford to buy the correct uniform

Girl stripped to panties at school | News24

That has also got a huge amount of interest but not for the details of the article, but hits for people looking for pictures…

How is it that with the growth of the biggest information, and knowledge sharing database known to man called the internet, some have moved into seeking demeaning and degrading videos and images on the web ?

Girl stripped to panties at school | News24


I thought I would post this, as this is how we treat our kids at school, what really annoys me is that this is a poor community and obviously they cant afford more than one summer and one winter uniform.

Johannesburg – A 10-year-old girl who wore trousers instead of a skirt to a Johannesburg school was allegedly made to strip down to her panties, according to a report on Wednesday.

The Cosmo City Primary School No 1 pupil was left wearing panties, a school shirt and jersey for the entire day, The Star reported.

She was allegedly instructed to strip because she wore an "incorrect" uniform to school on Tuesday.

According to her mother, who cannot be named to protect the girl’s identity, the Grade 4 pupil wore her long, grey trousers to school instead of a school skirt because it was wet from the rain the day before.

The mother told the newspaper that her daughter was forced to go home without her trousers because they had been misplaced.

School principal Kgomotso Khumalo denied the allegations. All she had done was make the pupil stand under a carport until 10:00, she said, adding that the girl was one of 70 pupils who had worn the incorrect uniform.

"I told them ‘you are dressed like a circus’. What I usually do is ask them to stand under the carport until break at 10:00 and then they go back to class. I then give them a letter for their parents."

However, Khumalo admitted that she had not given any of the pupils letters on Tuesday.

Gauteng education department spokesperson Charles Phahlane said no pupil should be humiliated at school. He told the newspaper the department would investigate.

via Girl stripped to panties at school | News24.

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